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Watch Breaking Bad: S3 E7 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : One Minute

Furious that he was tricked into believing that his wife was in hospital, Hank violently attacks Jesse at his house, knocking him to the floor and punching him in the face until he’s unconscious and bleeding. Realizing he’s gone too far, Hank stops himself and calls for an ambulance. As Jesse is being taken away by paramedics, ASAC Merkert approaches Hank and advises that he talk to a lawyer.

At the hospital, Walt comes to Jesse’s hospital room to find Saul, eager to get Jesse off on grounds of police brutality. When Walt asks what Jesse plans to do next, Jesse says he will set about to destroy Hank’s life. Further, Jesse plans to start cooking on his own again and will give up Walt if he gets caught. Outside the room, Walt tells Saul that Jesse will eventually “come around”, but Saul warns that they will have to discuss “options” for dealing with Jesse if he doesn’t.

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Breaking Bad:  S3 E7
Breaking Bad:  S3 E7
Breaking Bad:  S3 E7

May. 02, 2010