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Watch Breaking Bad: S4 E13 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Face Off

Detectives Kalanchoe and Munn interrogate Jesse and he asks to call his lawyer, Saul Goodman. At the same time, Walt breaks into Saul’s office to try and find a way to contact him since he fled. Saul’s secretary extorts him for $20,000, and when he balks at the amount, $25,000 for the information.

He returns to his house to get the money but, realizing that Gus may have staked the place out, parks down the street and sends his unwitting neighbor, Rebecca Simmons, to check the house for him (he tells her that the family is on vacation and Walt thinks he left the stove on). His suspicions are right; shortly after she enters the house, a pair of gunmen, Harris Boivin and Raymond Martinez, quietly sneak out through the back gate. After a few brief minutes, the neighbour leaves, and Walt sneaks in the backdoor into the crawl space to get the $25,000 and narrowly avoids the hitman pair who enter shortly after him.

Back at the police station, Saul enters the interrogation room, sending the detectives out the room, and confers with Jesse – does he have any info that might help Walt reach Gus. Jesse tells him to pass on the only info he can think of —that Gus visits Hector Salamanca at the Casa Tranquila nursing home. Walt ponders this information and decides to use Hector’s hatred of Gus to his advantage. He meets with Hector.

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Breaking Bad:  S4 E13
Breaking Bad:  S4 E13

Oct. 09, 2011