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Plot : Confessions

Outside a diner in Arizona, Todd Alquist leaves Walter White a voice message about the recent change of management from Declan and requesting Walt return his call. Inside, he brags to his uncle Jack and his partner Kenny about his train heist of methylamine (“Dead Freight”), naming Mr. White, and leaving out his role in shooting Drew Sharp. Afterward, Jack and Kenny visit the bathroom, where Jack notices and nonchalantly wipes considerable blood off his shoe with a paper towel then flushes it down the toilet. The three then leave the diner and haul the methylamine back into New Mexico.

Hank Schrader enters Jesse Pinkman’s interrogation room and tells him he knows that his brother-in-law is “Heisenberg”. This finally jolts Jesse out of his daze, looks up at Hank, surprised. He suggests Hank beat the truth out of him as his usual modus operandi. Saul Goodman then timely arrives for damage control, scolding Jesse for blatantly throwing out money and landing himself there.

Saul calls Walt at home and tells him about the situation. At home Walter White Jr. tells his father that he’s going to visit his aunt Marie as she’s requested help with a computer problem. Walt, realizing that this is merely a ploy to lure his son, stops him and reveals to Walt Jr. that his cancer has returned. With teary eyes, Walt Jr. tells his father that he would prefer to stay home with his father in that condition. Hank arrives home and Marie chews him out for not telling the DEA about Walt’s true identity.

At home, Walt sits down in front of a video camera as he begins to film a confession.

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Breaking Bad:  S5 E11
Breaking Bad:  S5 E11
Breaking Bad:  S5 E11

Aug. 25, 2013