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Plot : An Affair of Honor

Prince Friedrich invites Daphne to the palace and gifts her a beautiful necklace. Marina is presented to older suitors in want of heirs in an effort to marry her quickly. Eloise decides she will find out Lady Whistledown’s identity. Daphne attends a boxing match with Prince Friedrich. Marina is set up with an older suitor and is saved by Colin. At a sumptuous fete, Prince Friedrich prepares to propose but an undecided Daphne flees to the garden.

Simon approaches her to say goodbye and apologize. Daphne, upset, runs into a hedge maze, followed shortly by Simon, and the two kiss passionately. Anthony interrupts and demands that Simon marry Daphne. Simon refuses and Anthony challenges him to a duel at dawn. Penelope is crushed by Colin’s attention to Marina which causes a fight with Eloise. Anthony plans to use the duel to free himself from society and be with Siena.

Lady Featherington discovers the extent of her husband’s gambling debts. Daphne realizes that Cressida Cowper, her rival for Prince Friedrich’s affections, witnessed what happened in the garden and races to stop the duel. Simon tells her that the reason he cannot marry her is because he cannot provide her with children. Weighing her options, Daphne firmly declares they will marry anyway.

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Bridgerton:  S1 E4

Dec. 25, 2020