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Watch Narcos: Mexico: S1 E2 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : The Plaza System

Félix tries to unite all of the plazas while Rafa searches for water for his seedless weed. Police corruption and the DEA’s complacency frustrate Kiki.

Rafa studies the logistics of a unique variety of marijuana (sinsemilia, or seedless) which requires isolation from pollinating males, making the desert the site for the grow operation. Problems arise when there appears to be a lack of water for cultivation leading Rafa to confront and threaten the geology professor who helped to locate the land.

Frustrated and drunk, Rafa eventually turns to throwing explosives in dug-out holes, happening to discover a source of water. Félix continues his meetings to reach an agreement with the plazas but a humiliated and stubborn Avilés refuses to make amends with Acosta and condemns Félix to death after the deal falls apart. As they both are traveling back to Sinaloa, they are intercepted by the police, who kill Avilés, putting Félix at the head of the Guadalajara cartel.

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Narcos: Mexico:  S1 E2

Nov. 16, 2018