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Watch Narcos: Mexico: S1 E7 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Jefe de Jefes

María implores Félix to move back to Sinaloa. Kiki gathers evidence of the Guadalajara cartel’s pot fields. Neto mourns.

Rafa is out of control as his cocaine use continues. He begins to attract attention when one night in a club, shots are fired after seeing Sofia with Amado. Don Neto is grieving his son, who is killed in an altercation outside a disco. Paranoia starts to get to Rafa leading him and others to brutally murder two American tourists, convinced the DEA had sent them to spy on him.

Félix organizes a reunion to place new orders and territories excluding Isabella who does not take it well. Afterwards, Nava attempts to intimidate Félix before the latter murders him as Azul watches.

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Narcos: Mexico:  S1 E7

Nov. 16, 2018