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Watch Ozark: S1 E8 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Kaleidoscope

A flashback to 2007 shows Wendy and Marty driving when she reveals she is pregnant again. While discussing the news, they are involved in a car accident that causes a miscarriage which results in Wendy’s extended period of depression. Wendy unsuccessfully attempts to reenter the job market after the births of her children.

An experienced public relations operative, she is revealed to have worked for Bobby Rush’s early Congressional campaigns and Barack Obama’s campaigns for the Illinois Senate. Del approaches Marty and Bruce to launder the cartel’s money and after reviewing Del’s ledgers they decline, but agree to reconsider. Marty expects Wendy will be opposed, but to his surprise, she approves. Bruce and Marty commit to work for Del, and Del has his previous financial advisor Louis killed in front of them.

Not only was Louis skimming, which Del suspected and Marty confirmed when analyzing the ledgers, he was also informing to Roy at the FBI. Roy has a steady boyfriend and fledgling FBI career, but a difficult relationship with his mother, who is a heroin addict. Unhappy at the FBI’s insistence on pursuing terrorists rather than drug dealers, Roy plots to get his way.

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Ozark:  S1 E8

Jul. 21, 2017