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Watch Ozark: S1 E9 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Coffee, Black

Buddy taught Jonah to shoot, and after realizing a cartel operative is shadowing the Byrdes, Jonah has Blue Cat employee Tuck buy him a rifle in a straw purchase. Marty and Wendy previously convinced Sam’s mother Eugenia to deposit her savings in Marty’s new “investment fund”. Her $900,000 replaces the $700,000 Marty paid the Snells. With this influx, he completes laundering the $8 million on time.

The cartel immediately delivers $50 million – the first of the $500 million Marty promised to wash. Eugenia dies in an accident, and Sam wants access to her savings to pay for her elaborate funeral. Instead, Marty and Wendy volunteer to pay, and end up buying the funeral home. Roy reveals to Russ that their relationship is a ploy, and he recorded Russ’s admission of trying to kill Marty.

This forces Russ to turn informant against Ruth, who Roy intends to turn informant on Marty. Instead, Russ and his brother Boyd plan to rob and kill Marty to finance a life on the run. Ruth suspects Russ intends to kill Marty. Realizing she will be blamed, she acts first, killing Russ and Boyd with the same method she had earlier tried on Marty.

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Ozark:  S1 E9

Jul. 21, 2017