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Plot : Stag

Wyatt’s suspicion that Marty killed Russ and Boyd is heightened by Charlotte’s admission that the Byrdes were at the scene. Roy pressures Rachel for useful information, including pretending to be a Blue Cat bar customer. Rachel has bathroom sex with a bar pickup and calls him Marty to irritate Roy, who is monitoring her transmitter.

To deflect Marty’s suspicion from her, Rachel suggests the man from the Blue Cat (Roy) might be a police officer. An infuriated Roy threatens her with a violent end if she does not produce evidence. The Byrdes’ planned bribe of a state gaming official ends when Wendy correctly suspects a trap. Wendy tries to provide money to Mason, who angrily refuses. Marty pays scant attention to Ruth while handling other problems, so she confides in Rachel, who uses the relationship to gather evidence for Roy.

He obtains a search warrant for the Byrde home, where he identifies himself to Marty and Wendy for the first time. Sam runs Lickety Splitz in name only because, as a felon, Ruth cannot be associated with Marty during state scrutiny of the casino application. Buddy’s health declines, and he is hospitalized but recovers after returning home.

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Ozark:  S2 E4

Aug. 31, 2018