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Watch Ozark: S3 E9 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Fire Pink

In a taxi following his confrontation with Helen and Erin, Ben engages in an extended, incoherent monologue. Marty goes to Ruth’s and asks why she worked for Ben’s release. Ben arrives and admits he went to Helen’s house. Ruth hides Ben at Darlene’s. Erin confronts Charlotte and Jonah and they admit Ben is right. Erin tells Helen she knows the truth about Helen’s work and returns to Chicago.

Recognizing they are vulnerable because Ben exposed Helen to Erin, Marty and Wendy plot to show Navarro they are more valuable to him than Helen. Ben leaves Darlene’s so he can pledge his love to Ruth. Nelson follows him into the casino, so Marty takes Ben out a side exit. Nelson follows Ruth home and Ruth challenges him about Cade’s murder. Marty engineers a sudden increase in casino profits, giving Maya a reason to stay in town and continue auditing the Byrdes.

Ben flees with Wendy, but calls the police on himself. Wendy talks officers out of arresting him. Ben calls Helen to apologize but Wendy ends the call before Helen learns Ben’s location. Wendy abandons Ben at a restaurant, then breaks down during a call to Marty. Ben sees Nelson arrive.

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Ozark:  S3 E9

Mar. 27, 2020