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Watch Rick and Morty: S3 E7 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : The Ricklantis Mixup

As Rick and Morty prepare to go to Atlantis, they’re interrupted by a Rick and Morty pair looking for donations to the Citadel Redevelopment fund. Our Rick and Morty refute the possibility of donation with hostility, pointing out that our Rick was the one to destroy it in the first place, and the pair leave.

The scene then cuts to show a fully-fledged, well-developed Citadel, which has extended beyond being a mere government into the territory of being a (mostly) functional society consisting only of Ricks and Mortys. The Citadel makes quick work of recuperating from Rick’s attempted destruction of it, with workers restructuring its foundation, commuters proceeding with their work and an election going on. Contention surrounds the fact that a Morty has decided to run a political campaign, with the news anchor Ricks sardonically and aggressively defaming him on the news, leading Campaign Manager Morty to suggest that Candidate Morty withdraw from the race. Despite this, Candidate Morty refuses.

Meanwhile, a Morty Pride rally/protest is occurring on the streets. Here, a newly recruited Cop Rick, while standing outside the Cafe Sanchez, is surprised to discover that he has been paired with a jaded and critical Cop Morty, who possesses anti-Morty sentiments and tasers any Morty that gets close to his car, calling them slurs such as “yellow-shirts”, (much to the surprise of Cop Rick). Despite being called out, Cop Morty digresses that no one cares about broken codes or corruption. The pair are called to attend to a robbery committed in “Mortytown,” a ghetto populated by Mortys who, for some reason or another, were deemed unsuitable for pairing with another Rick.

While this occurs, a Morty school is in session, where Mortys are being educated on how to act for when they are been reassigned a new Rick. After the lesson, they are told they will graduate and be assigned a new Rick the following day. Hearing this, Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty and Left-Handed Morty (Left Hand Morty) are encouraged by Slick Morty to make the most of their small amount of time left together by going to the “wishing portal”. The four eventually agree to embark on the journey together.

As this takes place, a factory producing Simple Rick’s wafers (wafers doused in the psychic resonance of Simple Rick and his memory of having spent time with a young Beth on her birthday), the Rick who would later become the Factory Terrorick (Rick J-22) is passed by for a promotion in favor of Cool Rick (K-83).

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Rick and Morty:  S3 E7
Rick and Morty:  S3 E7

Sep. 10, 2017