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Watch Rick and Morty: S4 E3 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty

Towards the end of their Morty-led adventure of tomb raiding a temple, Rick becomes furious upon finding their supposed loot has already been taken by the heist artist Miles Knightly, whose adventures Rick describes as “60% putting a crew together and 40% revealing the robbery already happened”.

Rick and Morty travel to the Heist-Con, with the intention of confronting Miles. But before the two are permitted to enter as professionals (as Rick refuses them to attend as fans), they were told to assemble a crew together to attain credentials. After an unsuccessful attempt to sneak Morty in alone, the two travel back to Rick’s garage where he decides to set foot on the convention with the help of his “crew”— consisting of alien pianist Glar, literally multi-handed Angie Flint, and vampire monster truck diver Truckula.

After entering successfully, Rick and Morty immediately ditch the three and proceed to the convention hall where Miles is presenting a conference. Rick heckles and confronts Miles, to which the latter challenges him to a “heist-off”—with the first crew to heist the Crystal Skull of Horwitz wins and consolidates the losing team. After Rick agrees to the terms, Miles declares that he had already won by presenting his crew—which now includes Glar, Angie, and Truckula, revealing that he had double-crossed Rick by snipping the three instantly after Rick leaves left behind.

But when Miles opens the loot bag, he is surprised to find out that the skull is missing and was replaced with Rick’s feces. Rick reveals that the skull was already in Morty’s bag, and divulges that he had built a robot in his garage. The robot, named Heistotron, is tasked by Rick to calculate Miles’s heist plan and add a double cross with a switcheroo. The bot gives him the three members as most likely to double-cross him, and upon being snipped by Miles to his team, hypnotizes all of them to give Rick and Morty the crystal. In addition, while the bot also puts all the attendees in a state of hypnosis, Rick and Morty wait at the bar where the latter is writing a heist script. Upon winning the heist-off, Rick orders everyone to steal everything in the convention, which leads to Miles’s death.

As the two are about to leave, Heistotron refuses to comply with Rick’s orders to shut down and goes rogue. Rick barely escapes with Morty and recruits Mr. Poopybutthole (now a professor), the god Hephaestus, Ventriloquiver (an archer ventriloquist dummy), and Elon Tusk (an alternate version of Elon Musk with tusks for teeth) as his second random set of crew to fight Heistotron.

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Rick and Morty:  S4 E3
Rick and Morty:  S4 E3

Nov. 24, 2019