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Plot : Cricket

Leanne is hurt and angered by both Dorothy and Sean’s actions toward her. She feels betrayed by Dorothy, who sends her on an errand so she and Sean can be intimate, while Sean snaps at her after she brings up a yellow onesie from the basement. After Leanne writes their names in her Bible before her evening prayers, Dorothy wakes up with a sudden coldsore and Sean gets yet another unexplained splinter.

Julian tries to drive Leanne out of the house by playing cruel pranks on her, including filling her bedroom with crickets and replacing her tomato soup with dog food. Wanda, seemingly another nanny taking care of a neighbor’s young daughter, befriends Leanne. However, when Leanne visits Wanda’s supposed employer, she learns the family does not have a nanny or a child. When Wanda returns to the house, Leanne induces an allergic reaction in the young girl with one of Sean’s dishes and withholds her epipen, forcing Wanda to confess that she was hired by Julian to ask Leanne questions and convince her to leave.

An enraged Leanne nearly lets the girl die before finally injecting her with the epipen. That night, as a crying Leanne flogs herself, a dead cricket in the room returns to life.

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Servant:  S1 E5

Dec. 13, 2019