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Plot : Haggis

Natalie, Dorothy’s friend and kinesiologist, is revealed as the “therapist” who suggested the reborn doll to bring Dorothy out of her catatonic state following Jericho’s death. After a session with Dorothy, Natalie is critical when she discovers the Turners hired a nanny for the doll. Later, Natalie hears a baby cry and goes into Jericho’s room, but Leanne attacks her and flees with Jericho before she can see that he is a living baby.

Dorothy invites Natalie over for dinner, where Natalie intends to confront the Turners about their prolonged use of the baby doll, while Sean and Julian struggle to hide the living baby from her. Natalie tries to confront Dorothy first, but Dorothy becomes convinced that Natalie, Sean and Julian are trying to talk her out of going back to work, and becomes defensive. When Leanne is in the basement to get wine, a large crack appears in the concrete floor.

Natalie hears a growl and goes into Jericho’s room, where she discovers the baby. She is then chased out by a large wolfhound that follows her downstairs, where Julian kills it in front of a horrified Leanne. Explaining the real baby to Natalie, Julian claims it belongs to Leanne and may be adopted by the Turners.

He also reveals to Natalie that he is still disturbed by Jericho’s death, having seen something especially upsetting that day. Natalie comforts him and they have spontaneous sex before going home together. After Leanne takes her Bible into the room with the dead dog, it runs out of the house, now very much alive.

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Servant:  S1 E7

Dec. 27, 2019