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Plot : Boba

Tobe and Leanne go out bowling, while Sean and Dorothy go out to a news awards gala. Julian is tasked with babysitting at the house, but is avoidant of the nursery, repeatedly flashing back to the day of Jericho’s death when he saw something traumatic there. Noticing that Jericho’s baby monitor is unusually quiet, he finally works up the courage to check on him, only to find him missing and replaced once again with the doll. A panicked Julian calls Sean, but their video chat is interrupted by Dorothy before he can explain what happened.

He also contacts Roscoe, who is keeping tabs on Leanne and Tobe, but nothing seems out of the ordinary on their bowling excursion. When Tobe brings Leanne back to the house, she tries to kiss him but he pulls away, embarrassing and upsetting her. Inside the house, Julian confronts Leanne about the doll and her past in Wisconsin.

Leanne is dismissive of Julian’s questions, and resumes treating the doll as a real baby like she did before it was replaced. She also continues to ask Julian about Jericho’s death and what he saw. Julian holds the doll over the banister, threatening to drop it. When he does so, he suddenly hears a baby’s cry and catches the doll, then starts searching for the baby in the house.

After his search is unsuccessful, he calms down and starts telling Leanne about the day Jericho died. After this, the doll is suddenly replaced again by the real baby. On a nearby street, Tobe runs into Wanda carrying a cradle. Sean and Dorothy return, and Julian admits to Sean that he told Leanne the truth about Jericho’s death.

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Servant:  S1 E8

Jan. 03, 2020