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Watch Sex Education: S1 E1 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Episode 1

A young couple is having sex, and the girl asks the guy if he likes her tits. He answers by saying he loves her tits. The girl asks him if he wants to cum on them, he says sure, but first he needs to take off the condom. However, the girl says they should do it from the back since last time, she got a rash. The girl moans and says she’s going to cum, and the guy fakes an orgasm. The girl realizes the guy just faked it, and asks him where the spunk is. Despite his best efforts the guy, whom the girl refers to as Adam, couldn’t ejaculate.

Meanwhile in another house, Otis looks to have been awake for a while, and eventually he gets up from his bed and ends up making it seem like he just masturbated, by carefully laying a porn magazine, a box of tissues and lotion on said bed.

Later, as Otis is riding his bike to school, he tells his friend Eric that he has given up on masturbating. His friend asks Otis if he can even get a hard-on. To which Otis says that of course he can because he’s not a fucking eunuch. He just waits for them to go away because he doesn’t like how it feels.

After the school assembly, Adam pushes Eric into the lockers, and tells him to shut the fuck up, and to give him whatever he has on him. Adam is bullying eric for a long time and eric is used to it. Adam ends up taking his sandwich and eats his curly wurly.

Jackson writes up a letter to Maeve for running in the halls, but the note tells her to meet up with him after school.

At Otis’ house, Jean meets Adam and ends up smoking weed with him. She does, however ask Adam if he smokes weed a lot. Adam says he does, and Jean warns him that smoking a lot of cannabis has been linked to early onset impotence. Adam gets angry and leaves.

During science class the next day, Maeve and Otis are partners for a vagina labeling assignment. He proves to her his wits by correctly labeling the hymen. In order to embarrass Otis, Adam shares a video of Jean giving a handjob to an eggplant for an educational video on masturbating. Otis bolts out of the class and has a panic attack Maeve follows behind at the science teacher’s instruction to check on him. She tells him that it could have been a lot worse, and his mom could have been stroking a real penis.

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Sex Education:  S1 E1

Jan. 11, 2019

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