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Watch Sex Education: S1 E2 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Episode 2

As Otis and Eric are leaving for school on their bikes, Harry, one of Jean’s many conquests, arrives at her house to drop off a bouquet of roses. Jean tells Harry that she is extremely busy with work, and raising her son. She then apologizes to him for possibly giving him the wrong impression, saying she’s not looking to date anyone.

At their first official sex therapy session, Otis gets nervous and talks about chinchillas giving blowjobs. So their first client leaves in a huff and doesn’t pay. Maeve chastises Otis, telling him that he’s supposed to help people, not traumatize them. However, she admits that Otis is good at the whole sex therapist thing – calling him a strange sex savant. She tells him that he needs to work on his delivery skills, suggesting that Otis should try speaking like a normal 16-year-old next time.

Maeve decides they need to go to Aimee’s party where lots of teenagers will be having sex, which will be the perfect opportunity to get clients.

Back at his home, Otis and Eric get ready for the party. Jean asks Eric if he’s joining them for movie night, but Eric tells her that he and Otis are going out to a party. Jean realizes Otis is wearing aftershave. Otis lies to his mom saying it will be a boring party and everything is strictly platonic.

Just in case, Jean tells the two boys that if they do drugs, to buddy up and offers to get them some condoms, but Otis leaves in haste.

Meanwhile, Maeve is feeling nauseous, so she ends up going to the pharmacy store and buys a pregnancy test.

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Sex Education:  S1 E2

Jan. 11, 2019

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