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Watch Snowpiercer: S1 E4 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Without Their Maker

Nikki is murdered by the killer who is stalking the train; with the border between classes closed due to the riot, he is trapped in third class. Layton begins enlisting the third class into his revolution while the killer is identified as Erik, the bodyguard for the Folger family. Though Layton fears that first class will protect Erik from justice, Melanie, who is revealed to also come from humble beginnings, urges him to pursue justice for the victims while she helps to clear the way for him.

As Layton investigates Erik’s connection to the Folger family, he realizes that LJ Folger is the true mastermind and Erik has simply been following her orders, and feigns an agreement with her to tell him what happened; after a chase, Erik is killed by the Jackboots while LJ is arrested. At the same time, Josie uses the implant Layton gave her to slip forward and make contact with Astrid, a Tailie who moved forward years ago to ask for help with their revolution. Layton deduces Mr. Wilford’s absence and as a result, Melanie drugs him and has him secretly placed into stasis with orders that he is not to be harmed.

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Snowpiercer:  S1 E4

Jun. 07, 2020