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Watch Snowpiercer: S2 E5 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Keep Hope Alive

As the trains prepare to turn around, Melanie fails to make contact with the latest weather balloon, sparking fears that she has perished; the crew decide to keep this a secret in order to keep hope alive. Wilford invites Miss Audrey to spend time with him on Big Alice and, apparently without success, she attempts to make it so that Snowpiercer can spy on Wilford’s communications.

Still recovering under the Headwoods’ care, Josie manages to send messages to Layton through Pike’s illicit trade network; although Icy Bob finds out, he keeps quiet and warns Josie not to trust the Headwoods and to be careful. Till continues to struggle and lets off some steam through sparring with Pastor Logan who suggests that Layton’s reign is falling apart and that they need a new leader; after Terence threatens Josie’s safety, Layton has a reluctant Pike assassinate him. From Josie,

Layton learns that Wilford is planning something with the Breachmen just before all but Bojan are assassinated by disguised figures. Wilford offers both Audrey and Ruth to join him on Big Alice as the border is sealed which Audrey accepts but Ruth does not.

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Snowpiercer:  S2 E5

Feb. 22, 2021