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Watch Snowpiercer: S2 E9 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : The Show Must Go On

In the aftermath of Wilford taking control of Snowpiercer, Layton is forced to work in Compost on Big Alice while Javi works in Big Alice’s Engine under guard with Bennett doing the same on Snowpiercer. Wilford opens a carnival on the train and begins rooting out those who will be valuable to him; in an effort to get Till to become his moral advisor,

Wilford personally executes the Breachmen’s killers and has the Headwoods test Josie’s new abilities. Completely disillusioned with Wilford, Alex reveals that he killed half of Big Alice’s crew to save resources and plans to perform a similar culling on Snowpiercer; having learned that Melanie has lost contact,

Wilford refuses to go back for her and Ruth turns on him completely and is sent to Compost to work with Layton. Javi picks up a transmission from Melanie that he hides from Wilford; Javi manages to send a message to Layton and Ruth who begin plotting their escape together.

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Snowpiercer:  S2 E9

Mar. 29, 2021