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Plot : Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

While Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are making out on Steve’s bed, Barbara Holland is shown in what appears to be another dimension in Steve’s empty pool, but overgrown and in ruins. Barb climbs up the pool ladder and screams Nancy’s name, but she is not heard and the mysterious monster drags her back into the depths.

Wednesday, November 9, 1983

Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair decide to meet Eleven after school and she will lead them to where Will Byers is hiding. Before leaving, Mike permits her to eat Dustin’s snacks, provides her his watch and asks her to meet with them at 3:15 pm. As Eleven waits and remains at Mike’s house, she decides to explore Mike’s house. She looks around at Nancy’s room then watches their TV. While switching channels, Eleven notices a commercial for Coca-Cola, which triggers a flashback. Eleven is shown in the Hawkins National Laboratory where she is forced to use her telekinetic abilities to manipulate a Coca-Cola can. Eleven succeeds, however, her nose begins to bleed as Dr. Martin Brenner smiles behind a glass.

Chief Hopper manages to get into the Hawkins Laboratory, but does not find much evidence of Will’s disappearance. However, when he is shown the security footage from the night of Will’s disappearance, Hopper notices it is not raining in the footage despite the huge storm which occurred that night. Hopper tells the other cops that he suspects the staff at the laboratory are lying.

Powell is prompted to visit the public library and search for any newspaper which mentions Hawkins National Laboratory. The newspaper clippings show Dr. Brenner working with several patients (one of which is Terry Ives). Hopper reads enough information on Dr. Brenner in the old newspaper archives to suspect him of involvement in Will’s disappearance.

Joyce Byers buys a lot of Christmas lights and hangs them all around her house in hopes of communicating with Will. After she has finished, Karen Wheeler arrives with Holly. As the mothers are speaking in the kitchen, lights start flickering, leading Holly to Will’s room. Holly witnesses the wall distort, but before she is harmed Joyce finds her. After asking if Holly had seen anything, Joyce asks Karen to leave.

Jonathan is confronted by Steve and his friends in the school’s parking lot, demanding the pictures Jonathan took at the party. They accuse him of stalking, while Jonathan said he was just looking for his brother. When Nancy arrives, she is shown one of the photos Jonathan took of her. Steve tears the photographs apart and breaks the camera. Upon seeing the photograph of Barb, Nancy takes the pieces and joins the group, leaving Jonathan behind.

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Stranger Things:  S1 E3

Jul. 15, 2016