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Plot : Chapter Four: Will the Wise

Joyce drives back to the Hawkins Middle School to look for Will. There, she meets up with Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Max, who were also searching for him. They find Will virtually catatonic in the field, while in the Upside Down the shadow monster is seeping into every one of his orifices. After Joyce makes some desperate efforts, Will eventually wakes up and she takes him back home.

Initially, Will is reluctant to reveal what happened. But when Joyce tells him that she found his drawing and the tape from Halloween to be similar, Will admits to having visions from the Upside Down and informs her that the shadow monster got him and he feels it inside him.

Eleven returns to Hopper, who is naturally angry about Eleven’s disappearance from the cabin. They argue and Hopper grounds her with no Eggos and no television indefinitely. This leads to a continually escalating fight between them until, in anger and misery, Eleven experiences a psychic tantrum, shattering all the windows of the cabin, and cries in her room.

Friday, November 2, 1984

The next day, Hopper starts to regret his actions and requests Eleven to clean up the place, saying he will then consider fixing the television before he goes out to work.

After eating breakfast and lying to her family that she would be having a sleepover at a friend’s house, Nancy meets with Jonathan before the two head off in secret to see Barb’s parents at Forest Hills Park, the place where Nancy asked Marsha Holland to meet her at.

Joyce cares for Will and finds that his temperature is very low. Trying to warm him up scares Will, with him saying that “he likes it cold.” Meanwhile, at the park, Barb’s parents are no-shows, but Nancy and Jonathan are confronted by disguised government agents.

Will confesses to Joyce and Hopper that the shadow monster left some part of itself in him which allows him to know things he never knew. Unable to verbally explain, Joyce suggests he draw it instead.

Unable to fix the television, Eleven cleans up the cabin and finds a hatch in the floor. Going down into a storage area, she finds a number of boxes including one labelled “Hawkins Lab.”

At Hawkins Labs, Dr. Owens explains why he had Nancy and Jonathan detained, showing them the Gate. He tells them that it cannot be destroyed, but it can be contained. After telling them it

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Stranger Things:  S2 E4
Stranger Things:  S2 E4

Oct. 27, 2017