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Watch The Queen’s Gambit: S1 E7 Streaming HD Episode

Plot : Final : End Game

Jolene and Beth attend Mr. Shaibel’s funeral. Afterwards, Beth revisits the orphanage and breaks down when she discovers Shaibel had followed her career up until his death. Jolene helps her quit drinking with a physical fitness regime. Beth rejects funding from the Christian Crusade to travel to the Moscow Invitational. She asks Benny to help fund her, who refuses. Jolene loans her the money, and Beth arrives at the Moscow Invitational.

Beth wins several games, gaining many fans from the Russian public. In the final game against Borgov, Beth plays the Queen’s Gambit; the game is adjourned after forty moves. Beth reconnects with Townes, who is covering the tournament for the Lexington Herald-Leader. Beth receives a phone call from Benny, who has assembled Harry, Matt, Mike, Wexler, and Levertov to analyze her game with Borgov.

When play resumes that evening, Beth is able to visualize the game without tranquilizer pills and eventually beats Borgov following her refusal of a draw offer. Beth is celebrated widely by the locals gathered outside the venue. On the drive back to the airport, Beth exits the car and heads for a park where local men play chess. They recognize her and greet her warmly, inviting her to play.

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The Queen’s Gambit:  S1 E7

Oct. 23, 2020

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