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Mar. 08, 2009
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Plot :

In the second season, Walt must deal with the chain reaction of his choice, as he and Jesse face new and severe consequences. When danger and suspicion around Walt escalate, he is pushed to new levels of desperation. Just how much higher will the stakes rise? How far is Walt willing to go to ensure his family’s security? Will his grand plan spiral out of control?

In an abandoned auto junkyard, Tuco Salamanca buys meth from Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, and then kills his henchman No-Doze for speaking out of turn. Jesse purchases a gun to protect himself from Tuco, but Walt proposes they kill Tuco with poison instead. Hank Schrader sends Walt a cell phone photo of No-Doze and Gonzo, Tuco’s other associate, dead in the junkyard. Shortly afterwards, Tuco abducts Walt and Jesse at gunpoint (“Seven Thirty-Seven”).

Hank briefs his DEA team about a raid on Tuco’s headquarters, and then takes a leave of absence to search for Walt. Marie Schrader tells Skyler White that Walt might have a second cell phone and suggests Hank visit Jesse’s mother. Diane Pinkman tells Hank about Jesse’s low-rider car, which Hank tracks to Tuco’s place using LoJack.

Trapped in a desert hideaway, Walt and Jesse try to slip Tuco the poison, but his ailing uncle, Hector Salamanca, tips Tuco off. Jesse and Walt escape and are hiding nearby when Hank approaches Tuco and kills him in a shootout (“Grilled”).

To cover for their disappearance, Walt fakes amnesia and is hospitalized while Jesse removes meth evidence from his house, persuades Badger’s cousin, Clovis, to tow away the RV, and gets himself arrested. Hank, interrogating Jesse, accuses him of working with Tuco, but releases Jesse when Tio refuses to ID him. Walt returns home where Skyler quizzes him about the second phone (“Bit by a Dead Bee”).

A broke Jesse asks Walt for half their remaining money, but Walt refuses. Jesse’s parents, aware of the meth lab, force him to vacate his house. He breaks into Clovis’s repair yard and sleeps in the RV, stealing it back after Clovis threatens to sell the cooking supplies. Walt eventually shares some of his remaining cash with Jesse. Meanwhile, a suspicious Skyler keeps her distance from Walt and smokes to relieve tension (“Down”).

Walt confronts Skyler about the cigarettes. “This is so unlike you,” he says. “How would you know?” she retorts. Jesse rents a duplex apartment from Jane Margolis, who lives next door, and assembles a meth-dealing crew with his longtime friends, Badger, Skinny Pete and Combo. All goes well until a junkie couple robs Skinny Pete.

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