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Mar. 21, 2010
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Plot :

Shortly after the Wayfarer Flight 515 disaster, two Juárez Cartel killers known as The Cousins slip into New Mexico after killing an entire clandestine convoy to avenge the death of their cousin, Tuco Salamanca. Their target: “Heisenberg.”

Walter is forced to move to an apartment and comes clean about manufacturing meth to Skyler White, who promises not to divulge his criminal activities if he grants her a divorce and keeps his distance. Jesse Pinkman, meanwhile, emerges from rehab changed by Jane Margolis’s death. “I’m the bad guy,” he tells Walt, who has quite a different self-image: “I am not a criminal,” Walt tells Gustavo Fring, declining the businessman’s offer of $3 million to cook meth for three months (“No Más”).

Using help from Saul Goodman, Jesse manages to buy his house back from his parents, who paid several hundred thousand dollars to reform the house. The Cousins meet with their uncle, Hector Salamanca, to get information about Tuco’s killer. At the same time, Saul hires Mike Ehrmantraut to bug the White Family residence to find out if Skyler told anyone about Walt’s secret.

Walt defies Skyler and breaks into his own home to move back in. When the Cousins come calling, Mike, who just finished bugging Walt’s house, spots their arrival and alerts Gus. The Cousins are called for a meeting and they let Walt (who is totally unaware of everything) live another day (“Caballo Sin Nombre”).

Meanwhile, Skyler calls the police to oust Walt but can’t bring herself to incriminate him. Since she can’t get Walt out of the house, she retaliates by sleeping with her boss, Ted Beneke. Gus calls a meeting with the Cousins and their cartel boss, Juan Bolsa, who agrees to postpone vengeance until Gus ties up his business with Walt (“I.F.T.”).

Upon learning that Jesse is cooking on his own, Gus purchases meth from Jesse and gives half the money due to Jesse to Walt to compel him back into the business. When Walt resurfaces to return the money, Gus unveils a state-of-the-art superlab he’s constructed beneath an industrial laundromat.

Hank Schrader pursues the “Heisenberg” investigation despite being reassigned to El Paso, but a break in the case complicates matters. Short of cash on his way back from a cook, Jesse barters meth for gas. Hank finds a security camera tape that caught the RV at the gas station, he believes the RV is used as a mobile lab and starts a new investigation (“Green Light”).

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