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Jul. 17, 2011
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Plot :

The fourth season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad premiered on July 17, 2011 and concluded on October 9, 2011. It consists of 13 episodes, each running approximately 47 minutes in length. AMC broadcast the fourth season on Sundays at 10:00 pm ET in the United States.

In a flashback, Gale Boetticher takes notes on the construction of the new superlab. He praises the blue meth sample Gustavo Fring gave him to the point where he talks himself out of a job, saying that the person who cooked the sample deserves it better; Gale just talked Gus into hiring Walter White.

Back to the present, Jesse Pinkman shoots Gale at the doorstep of his apartment and flees. Victor arrives right after and finds a shell-shocked Jesse in the parking lot and returns him to the superlab at gunpoint. Victor admits to Mike Ehrmantraut that Gale’s neighbors saw him at the scene, but insists it’s not a problem.

Walt and Jesse wait, helplessly, for Gus to arrive. When he does, Walt tries to talk his way out of what he’s sure must be a death sentence. Gus seems unmoved… but then slices Victor’s throat with a box cutter, killing him. Then he coldly orders Walt and Jesse back to work.

Later, at Gale’s apartment, police process evidence that includes Gale’s lab notes (“Box Cutter”).

Free, but feeling the looming threat of Gus, Walt purchases a gun for protection. Reeling from Gale’s murder, Jesse calls Badger and Skinny Pete to throw a raging party at his house to numb himself. Meanwhile, Skyler White tries to negotiate the purchase of the car wash Walt once worked at from Bogdan Wolynetz, who refuses because of a grudge against Walt.

Walt urges Mike to help him kill Gus, but Mike lays him out in response: no go. Skyler begs Walt to seek police protection; Walt refuses (“Thirty-Eight Snub”).

Hank Schrader, frustrated by his slow recovery, snipes at Marie Schrader, who soothes herself by stealing knickknacks at open houses. After she’s caught, Hank’s detective friend, Tim Roberts, resolves the matter. Tim then, based on Hank’s expertise, asks for his help in solving Gale’s murder, leaving him a copy of the lab notes to examine, which eventually he does (“Open House”).

Skyler manipulates Bogdan into selling the car wash, then invents a gambling-addiction story for she and Walt to present to their family in order to explain their ability to purchase it.

Walt discovers that Hank is looking into Gale’s murder, and that he suspects Gale may be “Heisenberg.” A strange note to a person named “W.W.” is in the first page of the notebook with the lab notes, Hank jokingly accuses Walt of being the person, and Walt sarcastically responds to the joke. Hank also discloses that Gale’s lab notes contain the blue meth formula, and that fingerprints were found at the murder scene.

Jesse shrugs off Walt’s news about the fingerprints and barely reacts when a partygoer steals his money. His house has become less a party than a crack house; he’s totally numb. Mike reports Jesse’s reckless behavior to Gus and the next day drives Jesse into the desert (“Bullet Points”).

Walt, frantic over Jesse’s disappearance, storms into Los Pollos Hermanos to confront Gus, who’s not there. Mike orders Walt to cook alone. Jesse complains of boredom as Mike retrieves stashes of cash at various blind drops. He then ends up foiling what looks like an attempted robbery. Jesse is unaware that Gus orchestrated the incident to see if Jesse is worth of working in their operation.

Hank withdraws from consulting on Gale’s case citing his feeling of closure. At dinner, Walt, tipsy, can’t stand hearing Hank give Gale all the credit. He speculates that Heisenberg remains at-large, reigniting Hank’s interest (“Shotgun”).

Juárez Cartel gunmen hijack a Los Pollos truck and leave behind a message: “Ready to talk?”

Skyler theorizes that Walt fears for his life and secretly wants to get caught. “I am not in danger,” Walt snarls. “I am the danger.” Scared for her family, she travels out of town to the Four Corners monument to try to decide whether to run or stay; reluctantly she decides to stay in New Mexico (“Cornered”).

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