Dec. 22, 2021
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Watch Full Emily in Paris: Season 2 Streaming Free

Plot :

You needn’t watch more than a few minutes of Emily in Paris to realize that Emily in Paris (Lily Collins) has no idea what she’s doing in Paris. The Netflix show follows a clueless young American woman who walks into a culture with which she’s made no effort to familiarize herself; when she first meets her downstairs neighbor, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), he tells her he’s from Normandy, and Emily cheerfully remarks, “Oh, I know that beach; Saving Private Ryan, right?”

Ah, but despite Emily’s egregious fumbles, you simply must admit her journey is transfixing—particularly to any American who once studied abroad in Europe when they were young and stupid. Yes, Emily is supposed to be an adult woman from Chicago with a master’s degree and a signature disdain for Lou Malnotti’s deep dish. But, when the show first premiered in 2020, Emily was living a glamorous life in Paris, taking photos of her croissants while the rest of us were getting themed face masks shilled to us by Instagram. How could we not want to be her?

Emily gets to run around Paris and take selfies; have awkward, inappropriate interactions with her boss; and bang many mediocre men without a care in the world. She doesn’t have to unscramble CDC guidelines and decide whether she should wear a mask or not wear a mask every time she makes dinner plans. Emily is free to be an ignorant American in Paris, and that is reason enough to indulge in this inexplicably Emmy-nominated show.

Trailer Emily in Paris Season 2 :

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