EUPHORIA: Season 2

Jan. 09, 2022
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Plot :

Look, we all knew HBO prides itself on its prestige-era edge, but watching the Zendaya-led Euphoria feels a bit like bathing yourself in debauchery, punched up and made pretty via glitter. There are traumatized kids reeling through the post-9/11 era with a jaw-dropping menu of cheap weed and designer drugs, regular porn and revenge porn, self-harm and self-sabotage—but they’re all so gorgeous it’s hard to decide whether you’re meant to pity or envy them.

And while it’s true Euphoria might dig its own shock value with a callousness that borders on self-indulgent, that doesn’t mean it’s not binge-worthy TV. You’ll find it nearly impossible not to care about Rue, Zendaya’s recovering teenage drug addict; Jules (Hunter Schaefer), a trans girl who’s new to town; and Kat (Barbie Ferreira), yet another young woman trying to make sense of her own body; and the rest of their crew, even if director and creator Sam Levinson doesn’t always make it clear how you’re supposed to care.

Which makes the confirmation of a season 2 an even more heady rush. Might the series finally find its narrative rhythm? Will we get more of the heart-wrenching dialogue between Rue and her sponsor, Ali, or more set dressing soaked in neon? If you’re desperate to know how Jules and Rue’s slippery romance plays out, here’s everything we know about the next chapter of the East Highland students’ stories.


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