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Watch Full Money Heist : Season 4 Streaming Free

Plot :

Part 4 (also referred to as the second part of season 2) of Netflix’s Money Heist consists of 8 episodes. It was released on April 3, 2020

Part 4 begins with the robbers rushing to save Nairobi’s life. While Tokyo stages a coup d’état and takes over command from Palermo, the Professor and Marseille deduce that Lisbon must still be alive and being interrogated by Sierra in a tent outside of the bank. They persuade Tamayo’s assistant, Benito Antoñanzas, to help them, and The Professor is able to establish a 48-hour truce with the police.

As the group manages to save Nairobi’s life, the restrained Palermo creates chaos to reestablish his command by colluding with Gandía, the restrained chief of security for the Bank of Spain. Gandía escapes, begins communications with the police from within a panic room inside the bank, and participates in a violent cat-and-mouse game with the gang. Palermo is able to regain the trust of the gang and rejoins them. Gandía shoots Nairobi in the head, killing her instantly, but the gang later recapture him.

As the police prepare another assault on the bank, the Professor exposes the unlawful torture of Rio and holding of Lisbon to the public. Due to this revelation, Sierra is fired and begins a pursuit of the Professor on her own. The Professor enlists external help to free Lisbon during her transfer to the Supreme Court. Part 4 concludes with Lisbon rejoining the gang within the bank, and with Sierra finding the Professor’s hideout, holding him at gunpoint.

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