Sep. 17, 2021
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Plot :

Sex Education Season 3 takes off months after the ending of Season 2 and things are tense between Otis and Maeve. Moordale is in a weird place with the college name being thrashed in media, and so the new Head Teacher is here to change some stuff.

Sex Education Season 3 is the most real and unabashed the show has been. While Season 2 had its hiccups and I wasn’t quiet happy with how some arcs were handled, 3rd Season picks up with double the pace and double the fun. Each moment is wrapped in layers of development which makes you feel for the people who have to deal with so much realistic complexities in their day to day life.

It takes a step further in bringing abstinence, for the students of Moordale to tackle, in the form of a new head teacher. However, the way this entire situation is maneuvered is ridiculously fun as we reach the satisfying yet subtle cliffhanger of an ending.

We start off with a montage of people having the time of their lives, clearly happy with their sexual endeavors with their partners. Well, apart from Aimee maybe. But the months of advice which was facilitated by Otis, Maeve and even Jean, has bore fruits with students practicing safe sex and actually enjoying the process without major hiccups.

Otis is finally above the stage of connection and meaningful relationships, and is clearly enjoying his casual sex. Maeve on the other hand, never really heard the voicemail which Otis sent and is unaware of the fact that Otis confessed his heart out to her. So when the School reopens, there’s a substantial amount of awkwardness between the both, and Otis doesn’t make an effort to know what she felt about the voicemail, since he had already gone through so much embarrassment during the past months.

And one other major change is that Otis now has a moustache. Feels weird to even say this and believe me, you will never get used to watching him in one. Ironically, I could never take him seriously with it and that sums up his character pretty well.

There are a couple of characters who really found a much needed depth in their arcs and one of them was Ruby (Played by Mimi Keene). The moody teenager, who was always mixed with appearances and class, is actually a pretty sweet natured girl when we get to know her inside life.


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