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THE CROWN: Season 3

Nov. 17, 2019
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Plot :

The Queen did not visit Churchill following his final stroke. Vickers claims that by then he was senile and incapable of holding a conversation. Anthony Blunt’s exposure as a Soviet spy also drew criticism. Vickers noted that the episode did not mention that he was publicly exposed in 1979 and stripped of his knighthood, whilst also noting that he never resided at Buckingham Palace and ridiculing a scene in which he discusses his exposure with Prince Philip in an attempt to blackmail the royal family.

The depiction of the relationship with President Johnson has been criticised. It has been suggested that he did not refuse to attend Churchill’s funeral, in response to Wilson’s refusal to support the Vietnam War, but that he was genuinely unable due to poor health. His disappointment with Wilson’s views on Vietnam had developed much later. Historians also denied the episode’s implication that no US president had ever been to Balmoral; Eisenhower had visited Balmoral whilst president in 1959.

Critics noted that the episode did not mention that Johnson had been the only president since Truman never to have met the Queen. The implication that Johnson did not know who Princess Margaret was before her visit to America was also criticised. The Princess did attend a White House dinner, but the details are mostly fictional (such as her carousing with Johnson and kissing him, dirty limericks, and helping secure a US bailout, which in fact had already been negotiated).

The depiction of Princess Margaret and President Johnson publicly insulting the late President Kennedy during the same White House dinner was seen as highly unlikely, as members of the Kennedy Family, as well as John Connally, who was riding with Kennedy during the assassination, were reportedly among those who attended the dinner.

The relationship with Princess Alice has also drawn criticism for Prince Philip’s depiction as being estranged from his mother and objecting to her visiting London. In reality, he visited her regularly and often transported her by plane, and her depicted interview with a journalist from The Guardian never happened. Vickers also stated that the same episode ignored that Prince Philip encouraged her to move to London permanently.

Prince Charles did visit the Duke of Windsor in Paris in 1972, although the depiction of the letters concerning his affections for Camilla was criticised: the Prince and Camilla had met, but were not intimately close during the Duke’s lifetime. The Queen did visit the Duke ten days before his death, but this had been long-planned and not requested at short notice. Simpson was not with the Duke when he died.

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